The power of a lab in the palm of your hands

Sentia is a hand-held device which measures key chemical parameters in post fermentation red and white wine. Using proprietary electrochemical cell technology developed in the human health arena, results are displayed on a digital touchscreen within one minute of test commencement


The Sentia system is designed to be a complementary wine analysis tool for use in the winery setting. Its light weight and portability mean it can be used at tank, barrel and bottling line, leading to significant time and cost savings. Sentia delivers gold standard specificity and sensitivity for free SO2 and Malic Acid testing and will deliver Glucose, Fructose and other testing capabilities during 2022.

Features & Benefits

  • RELIABLE – measures to gold standard Thermo Gallery specificity.
  • FAST – provides on-the-spot results in 60 seconds.
  • PORTABLE – genuine at-barrel testing, with data upload capability.
  • EASY TO USE – no reagents needed, automatically calibrated and can be used by any team member.
  • HIGH QUALITY – built-in control checks for each test.
  • CORDLESS – rechargeable battery and wi-fi connectivity to enable data upload.
  • EFFICIENT – eliminates sample collection and return, improving processing efficiency and quality control.

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